Savor the Culinary Traditions Behind Your Redding Indian Food Restaurant

Indian DishesIndian food is a favored cuisine of people all over the world. Those who have already found it to be a culinary delight are sure to seek out their favorite Indian food restaurants in different cities and keep going back for more, and those who have yet to savor it are constantly being told by friends that they must try it. Treated like an art form in everything from the cooking techniques and ingredients used to the final outcome of each dish and the ambiance created while dining, the traditions of the country have carried over into the overall experience of a meal, and Indian food in Redding is no exception. No matter where you find yourself enjoying the diversity and uniqueness of these dishes, there are a few common characteristics that all Indian cuisine share.

Cultural Variety

Interestingly, Indian food does not refer to any one specific type of food that is representative of the whole country. With 28 states boasting a large population and influence from other cultures as well, Indian cuisine is recognized by the regional variance in dishes. Generally, when referring to food, you will find the country divided into North India, Western India, Eastern India and South India, each known for specialty items prepared in that particular region. Northern and Southern Indian meals consist of a lot of the choices that may be familiar to you from an Indian restaurant menu, including Tandoori dishes, naan, parathas, roti, dosas and Idlis. In Western and Eastern India you will notice more dishes prepared with fish and dessert specialties.


Vegetarianism is viewed as a large part of Indian food traditions. Some of this comes from religious beliefs, but it also has to do with the use of mostly fresh ingredients, incorporated into recipes wherever they can be. Quite unlike what you normally would think of to be your typical vegetarian fare, non-meat Indian dishes are just as palate-pleasing as their meat counterparts. However, while there will always be many vegetarian-based meals to choose from, meat is still a popular option on a lot of menus.


Spices are probably the most globally-known trait of Indian food. The blend of spices that are used in all regions of Indian cooking enhance the taste of each dish, add tantalizing aromas and serve medicinal purposes as well. A few of the most commonly used spices include turmeric, cinnamon, ajwain, cardamom, chilis and dried ginger. Skillfully blending these flavors together is what intensifies the Indian culinary masterpieces that are created in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for a superior dining experience, search no further than your local Redding Indian food restaurant.

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