What Makes Pakistani Food in Redding Unique From Other South Asian Cuisines

Pakistani DishesPakistani food frequently goes unrecognized as a South Asian cuisine of its own merit and is, instead, mistakenly lumped into the same category as Indian food. Although the neighboring countries have been known to influence one another when it comes to matters of the kitchen, oftentimes resulting in similar tastes, self-proclaimed foodies and those who become familiar with the differing cultures are sure to notice a distinction between the two types of savory cuisines.

Much like Indian food, you will find that Pakistani dishes vary from region to region, with each territory specializing in its own culinary delights. It’s not unusual to find restaurants that serve meals customary to both India and Pakistan, like Redding’s own Yaadgar Restaurant, so it can be helpful in the ordering process and interesting to food lovers to know what sets Pakistani food apart.

Mughlai Cooking Influences

The traditions of Mughlai cuisines are among the most influential and well-known in Pakistan. This style of cooking incorporates an abundance of spices and oil, producing fragrant and richly-flavored dishes, which is a tribute to the royalty of the Mughal Empire it was originally served to. Deep frying pots, known as karahis, are commonly used for frying spices and preparing meat dishes that have been marinated in yogurt.

Key Dishes

One of the biggest differences in Indian and Pakistani food is the amount of meat used in each country. While vegetarian meals are often the most popular and widely identifying of Indian cuisine, Pakistani meals are much more meat-centered. The tandoor oven, which cooks meats like chicken and lamb as well as poultry, actually originated in Pakistan and produces some of the most tasteful meats around the world. Kebabs made of lamb, beef, chicken and goat are some of the main meat highlights in Pakistani consumption, usually served with other popular dishes that include basmati rice, lentil stew, baingan bharta and a variety of breads and desserts.

Dining Traditions

It is typical to eat only with your right hand during a conventional Pakistani meal and to utilize your bread to scoop up curries and other solid foods along with sauces. Dinner is the most important meal of the day where the whole family comes together to indulge in the robust aromas and flavors of Pakistani food.

If you’re looking for a local Redding menu offering authentic Pakistani food selections, search no further than Yaadgar Restaurant, where you will find a dining experience that provides you with traditional fare of the Asian country.

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