Common Spices You Will Find in Authentic Indian Cuisine in Redding

Soups from IndiaIt’s no secret that spices are a large part of Indian cuisine. Those who have experience in the kitchen with Indian recipes know that it takes special skills to master the art of blending just the right amount of spices to end up with a dish that is rich in flavor and aroma. Contrary to popular belief, spices in Indian food aren’t necessarily used for the purpose of creating blazing hot food, but rather to intensify savoriness as well as provide health benefits. Even though the spices used and how they’re combined will vary from cook to cook, you’ll find that Indian cuisine in Redding will also feature these traditional ingredients.


Cumin seeds or powder are found in several Indian recipes, including bread seasoning, cakes and cheeses, curry powder, dals and as a standalone condiment. When the seeds are roasted, their most aromatic and flavorful qualities come alive. Cumin can be beneficial to those who suffer from diabetes, memory loss and anemia.


The bright yellow color of turmeric gives Indian food a distinctive hue as well as provides flavor. Coming from the ginger family, turmeric is mainly used in the preparation of curry powder and in most vegetable, lentil and rice dishes. Turmeric is known for being an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and can also be used to cure the common cold.


Cardamom is a pungent spice that is best bought in whole pod form and not peeled until it’s ready to be used. Frying it in a small amount of oil helps to release its full range of scent and flavor. Cardamom is used in several kinds of spice mixes, most notably the popular garam masala, and is usually added to recipes for curries, dals and stews. For medicinal purposes, this spice can help with conditions such as bad breath, indigestion, nausea and gastrointestinal ailments.


Coriander (also known as cilantro when in its freshest form) is used extensively in Indian cuisine in everything from curries and soups to baked goods and beverages. The sweet scent of coriander can be refreshing among some of the other harsher aromas that typically accompany most of the spices. Health advantages of using coriander include help with digestion, its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory and taming high cholesterol levels.

Red Chili Powder

Don’t shy away from the fiery red coloring of red chili powder that is incorporated into dishes such as curries, salads, tomato-based sauces and is used in a marinade for an assortment of foods. The chili powder is good for detoxifying the body and reducing cholesterol levels.

If you’re looking for authentic Indian cuisine in Redding, be prepared to encounter some of the most unique and bold flavors you’ve ever experienced, because these spices are sure to play a part.

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