The best places to swim with whale sharks

Swimming nearby the biggest fish in the ocean is one of a definitive can list encounters. Fortunate, at that point, that there are a modest bunch of goals around the globe where in-season sightings of whale sharks are nearly ensured.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

A 25-minute vessel ride from the territory, Quintana Roo’s sluggish northernmost island is the direct opposite of insane Cancun, only 150km toward the south.

At the point when to go: visits leave day by day from June to September, when the whale sharks touch base to encourage and mate. July to August is top season.

Where to stay: some visit organizations offer speedboat get from Cancun and Playa del Carmen, yet casual Holbox is an awesome other option to the fundamental vacationer focuses (and nearer to the sharks). Cabin ranges from shoddy inns (attempt Tribu Hostel) to mid-run guesthouses (Holbox Apartments and Suites) and a sprinkling of extravagant inns, for example, Palapas del Sol (

Utila, Honduras

One of the world’s least expensive goals to get your jump ticket, this explorer center off Honduras’ Caribbean drift likewise gloats one of the world’s couple of year-round whale shark investigate focuses.

At the point when to go: the most astounding grouping of sharks touches base amongst March and April, at that point in less numbers from September to Christmas.

Where to stay: convenience is for the most part constrained to plunge lodgings (attempt Underwater Vision; For more solace, comprehensive Deep Blue Utila ( offers committed whale shark trips in season.


Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Australia’s biggest and most open bordering coral reef, Ningaloo lies around 1200km north of west drift capital Perth. Announced an Unesco World Heritage site in 2011, the 300km extend is home to more than 500 fish species.

At the point when to go: whale sharks land to encourage between mid-March and July following a mass coral bringing forth.

Where to stay: most visits withdraw from Exmouth, with pick-ups from nearby troop parks and inns including Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort.


Cheer Spit, Belize

A mass fish-bringing forth period amongst March and June attracts whale sharks to Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve (GSSCMR), around 40km off the southeastern waterfront town of Placencia.

At the point when to go: April and May are the most predictable months for sightings; most are recognized a couple of days after the full moon.

Where to stay: the sandy boulevards of Placencia, which freely – and fittingly – means ‘Lovely Point’, offers a modest bunch of moderate cabana-style settlement. Attempt Julia’s ( The more upscale Turtle Inn (, likewise in Placencia, offers uncommon whale shark bundles in season.


Donsol Bay, Philippines

At the point when whale sharks were ‘found’ at this Luzon Island angling town in 1998, it ended up noticeably one of the country’s chief vacationer goals. Sightings are less continuous nowadays, however whale shark tourism is supposedly more moral here than in Oslob, Cebu (where the sharks are bolstered).

At the point when to go: whale sharks by and large touch base amongst November and June, topping from February to April.

Where to stay: shockingly, Donsol is as yet a lethargic town with a modest bunch of spots to remain. Attempt Elysia Beach Resort ( or Dancalan Beach Resort.


Tofo Beach, Mozambique

This small voyager’s asylum – and scuba jumper’s fantasy – 400km north of the capital Maputo is home to one of the biggest groupings of whale sharks in Africa because of an apparently ceaseless supply of microscopic fish.

At the point when to go: sightings of 50-in number assemblages are normal from October to March.

Where to stay: browse hiker cabins to more agreeable B&B resembles Baia Sonambula Guest House (


South Mahé, Seychelles

A portion of the soonest logical whale shark records originated from the Seychelles, where the peaceful mammoths are very much ensured. The biggest island in the Indian Ocean archipelago, Mahé is the best place to spot them.

At the point when to go: whale sharks relocate past Mahé amongst August and November, with sightings topping in October.

Where to stay: the Four Seasons Seychelles Dive Center works together with the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles ( to give snorkeling trips amid October with the assistance of a microlight air ship.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Only north of incredible gathering island Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is well known for its shoddy plunging. Whale sharks are regularly spotted around Chumphon Pinnacle, only a 15-minute vessel ride from the island.

At the point when to go: whale shark experiences are a pot-fortunes undertaking in these parts, however they’ve been spotted year-round, particularly from April to June.

Where to stay: costs drop in the event that you agree to accept a scuba course at agreeable jump lodges like Bans or Big Blue.

Administrators: devoted snorkeling trips aren’t the standard, so in case you’re not a jumper, inquire as to whether you can follow alongside a plunge pontoon made a beeline for a whale shark hotspot.

South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Whale sharks are year-round inhabitants of the Maldives, tending to support the western side of the Indian Ocean archipelago from May to December, at that point making a beeline for the east until April. South Ari Atoll is a Marine Protected Area.

At the point when to go: Operators in the territory run week by week, year-round snorkeling treks to South Ari. You can track whale shark sightings as they occur by downloading the neighborhood Maldives Whale Shark Research Program’s ( Whale Shark Network Maldives application.

Where to stay: numerous island resorts and guesthouses offer their own visits. The MWSRP are cooperated with TME Retreats Maldives (, so this is a decent decision.